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The GAA is delighted to confirm that they are entering into a new strategic agreement with Microsoft. This will enable the Association to meet its growing technology and communication needs now and into the future.  Microsoft Ireland employs over 1,200 full time employees and 700 full-time contract staff and is the world's largest software maker measured by revenues.

The GAA’s agreement  with Microsoft will achieve the following:

·         Help to develop a cohesive technology strategy for the Association linked to the GAA’s ethos and vision

·         Strengthen and grow the Association’s communication channels

·         Improve overall quality and accuracy of data

·         Increase the number of technology tools and services available to the GAA

·         Provide an integrated solution with other key core applications.

Microsoft’s global devices and services vision will enable the GAA to grow its technology and communication tools into a one stop solution that fits all requirements.

Through this agreement the Association will use the Microsoft’s Office 365 package.

The services include:

·         Email – Microsoft Outlook

·         Calendar – Microsoft Outlook

·         Online conferencing – Microsoft Lync

·         Spread sheets – Microsoft Excel

·         Documents – Microsoft Word

·         Presentations – Microsoft PowerPoint

·         Notes – OneNote

·         Storage in the cloud – SkyDrive

·         Document sharing and collaboration – Microsoft SharePoint


Users will benefit from the advanced services highlighted above and also will have 50GB of Microsoft Outlook email storage, and 25 SkyDrive Pro storage, compared to the current 15GB of storage for every GAA email account currently in use.

This –agreement will provide the Association with more services and greater capacity and also benefit from dedicated expertise and resources to grow the GAAs IT strategic vision as part of this relationship. 

This new and advanced Microsoft platform is provided for free to clubs and county boards as it will be managed centrally through the arrangement with Microsoft.



So what does this mean and how does this affect the GAA user currently.

1.       Microsoft will project manage the migration and deployment with their leading cloud based partners.

2.       Microsoft as part of this partnership will migrate all your data (emails, calendars, documents etc.) onto the Microsoft suite of products so there’s no requirement needed from the user.

3.       Microsoft and their gold partners will provide a support desk and support email for all our users.

4.       This support desk will operate Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:30 pm.

5.       Microsoft and their partners as part of this process will provide training material and training videos which will be uploaded onto the GAA eLearning platform.

6.       Training sessions will be provided online and in a teacher lead training environment. Teacher lead training will commence on the 3rd of December in training centres around the Island of Ireland.  Users will be emailed with a registration document in our next correspondence in order to register for the teacher lead training or if preferred online training courses.

7.       The changeover process role starts on the 10th of December and the support desk is now active and open as from today.

8.       You do not need to take any action now. You will be emailed in advance of the 10th with a unique temporary password.

Google Sites

In conjunction with the overall user migrations, if a user has a Google Apps website, this will be migrated to a personal Google account during mid-December. A Communication on this change will be issued in the coming weeks.  Ergo will provide the website owner with the new credentials once the change has been completed so that owner can access and update the site going forward.

So why are we migrating to Microsoft Office 365

1.       This is a strategic agreement which will save the Association annually in licensing costs.

2.       Microsoft will dedicate resources to develop specific solutions for the association.

3.       Microsoft intends to make available technical and consulting services, to be provided through a third party, to assist the GAA with deployment of and migration to, and to enhance productive use of, Office 365.

4.       With Microsoft data storage for each user is now 75GB.

5.       Microsoft will provide more solutions and services to our users.

6.       Microsoft will provide an integrated solution across multiple applications currently being used within the Association.

7.       Microsoft offering contains one of the most advanced and secure email spam filtering engines in the market place today.



Support Details

Ergo http://www.ergogroup.ie is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner headquartered in Dublin with 176 employees. Ergo has provided IT solutions and services to the private and the public sector for over 20 years, building up trusted relationships and helping organisations realise their business goals through the use of technology.

Support email: mail.support@gaamail.ie

Phone:  +353 1 8843258

Learning material and training videos are available under the following link:



Support desk is open Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm.


Welcome to Microsoft Office 365

Promotional Video’s concerning the new GAA Platform with Microsoft